Thursday, December 14, 2017

Diabetic Supplies



  • NO cash out of your pocket
  • NO waiting for insurance reimbursement
  • NO confusing forms to fill out
  • NO more standing in lines

We offer diabetes products which offer the best combination of features, performance, and price.


We're here to lend a hand. From providing information about diabetes and ways to reduce symptoms to helping you place an order, you're not alone in this process.


If you have private insurance or Medicare coverage, we work with your insurance provider to ensure that you pay little or nothing for your diabetes supplies.

"Our entire staff, from our experienced and caring patient care representatives to our dedicated pharmacists, provide you with the knowledge of diabetes, diabetes supplies,and service that make living with diabetes easier."



-Living with Diabetes-


Yesterday, diabetes was considered a debilitating disease. Today, with so much new technology available, so much information, and educational opportunities, diabetes is no longer the disease it used to be. Today, it is possible for people with diabetes to live a normal life. They can keep better control of their illness, eat better, and feel better.

The most important way you can take control of your illness is education. As you become more informed about your disease, it will be easier for you to prevent or lessen many diabetes related complications you're likely to encounter.

Each day brings new improvements in sugar-free food. Many sugar-free foods don't taste sugar-free. When you couple better tasting food with new glucose monitoring technology, there is no reason a person with diabetes can't lead a full and rewarding life.